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Pehel, Johann


 Pehel, Jan   (Source: 2)

Militarkapellmeister, composer

born: 16 May 1852 Husinec, Czechoslovakia Source: 2  

died: 28 Feb 1926 Prague, Czechoslovakia Source: 2  

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Bierley, Paul E.
Rehrig, William H.
The heritage encyclopedia of band music : composers and their music
Edited by Paul E. Bierley
William H. Rehrig
Westerville, Ohio: Integrity Press, 1991

Number of People : 8,916

 1976 Source: 1

Rameis, Emil
Die Osterreichische Militarmusik : von Ihren Anfangen bis zum Jahre 1918
Tutzing: Verlegt bei Hans Schneider, 1976

Number of People : 647

 1963 Source: 2

Cesko slovensky hudebni slovnik osob a instituci
Prague: Statni Hudebni Vydavatelstvi, 1963-1965

Number of People : 7,206

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